Monday, February 27, 2012

Come On, Boys!

Flowers are blooming…in fact, daffodils have been poking up out of the ground since late January in places.

This is truly confusing.

But it was a very mild winter and that was nice.

What concern me are the pollens of May.

(And that, to me, concerns sounds like the correct verb in that sentence.)

And all they want to do is Frack?

You can’t Frack your way out of this.

But apparently, you can’t renewable your way out of this either.

So then what?

I was looking at a Terra Chips bag tonight—of course, the settling of contents inside (right, settling…the filling) was about one-third the size of the bag. So I’m getting disgusted by this big foil-y, plastic-y bag and all I could think was, “Do we really need to continue to go to war for the petroleum and to pollute like giant mad dogs so this company can make such huge bags?”

Youth—come on. You can at least do this. Insist on smaller packaging.
I ask the youth because, you know, they have more at stake here…and more energy to make it happen.

Boys with big packages, yes. Chips in big packages, no.

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