Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He's Actually for Real

Every time he opens his mouth, my flabber is so gasted, it almost tickles.

I don’t know why I think he’s so funny. Could it be a defense mechanism on my part?
Of course it is.

He is the candidate that so many people deserve. He is not a cynic, this Santorum. He is not actually manipulating. He believes the insanity that is drooling out of his mouth.

Apparently, he hates smart people. Hell, I hate smart people, too…mostly because they are often not so creative. But I would rather have a smart person running the government than a peculiar moron who wants to destroy the government except for the one little piece that would force women to accept all sperm packages delivered into their God given American vaginas.

How this man could be in a primary for anything at all is completely shocking.

But still, I find him entertaining. He’s that completely out of touch guy who believes he understands it all. Running on ego and the fumes of Christ, he gives voice to all the others who are doing the same.

I guess it comes down to superstition and using the wombs of women as the ballast to keep the fairy tales floating that makes me chuckle in wonderment.

I’m not paying attention too closely because I imagine my chuckling would turn to rage.

I must dismiss this man as an ignorant rabble rouser.

But then, I’m a coastal elite. I actually use a fork, believe in education and presume that women are not all Christian baby machines.

Okay, the chuckling is over and I have found my true anger.

Santorum, go the frack back to central Pennsylvania. The shale is calling.

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