Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doesn't Autumn make you think of California?

I'm walking in the park, getting up toward Belvedere Castle on the hill, and I look down and there are small crunchy leaves carpeting everything.

The only other place that looks like that is under the live oaks in Central California. They drop leaves all year long.

And so I thought of California more than anything else...a place assumed to experience endless summer, but really, there's a much more subtle grade to the whole thing...

Pumpkins are everywhere. Coats are on. It's a swell season.

Interesting, last week, when the weather went from very hot and humid to rain, to humid, rain, cool, wet, dry to autumn. Clunky transition.

And now, the days get shorter until late December. Sparkly birds and Santas clipped onto evergreens will be here soon.

The small leaves.

Oh, California.

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