Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some Day Thoughts: 9-11

Could it be that all prejudice stems from a deep desire to only have sex with people who look like you?

Syria:  Finally, Russia has one good idea.

Russia: You homophobic loons, what the hell is wrong with you?

The NYC mayoral primary: Sorry, Quinster. (Never assume your shoo-in-ness).

9-11:  It still stings. Will always sting. We lost our innocence. And loved ones. All that. Sucks.  (I was in Ojai that day. And when the store clerk told me what had happened, I just assumed he was a madman making shit up. I used my clunky cell phone to call my Dad who confirmed this crazy thing. He was incredulous. Naturally.)

My husband heads off to the Emmys tomorrow. Good luck, babboo! Showtime: Homeland: Second Screen Experience.

Trees. More trees. Always more trees. We keep talking about global warming---the truth is, it is SO EASY to grow TREES. And then, you know, use their leave waste as fuel. Come on. How hard can it be?

Lettuce. As much lettuce as possible. And nothing more. Until you get hungry. Then, maybe more lettuce. And turkey and ham and bread.

What if you just took all your disappointments, then declared your inner Atheism, dropped all the old ideas at the curb, and bravely took on a new project?

Thai food makes so much sense. As does Japanese.

I never write about food. Why am I writing about food?

I once met Richard Nixon. He is the only president of the U.S. that I have ever met. It was in an office building in midtown Manhattan. He had just finished a taping for a talk show. I was in the office to pick up a super hero costume. We bumped into each other. He introduced himself to everyone in the area. He looked more like a puppet/effigy than a person.  But I was surprised by how much of a politician he was. Glad handing. Smiling. Long after the end of Watergate.

I wake up every day wanting a dog. I will not name it Checkers.

Toronto is Cleveland in a good mood.

Who is going to invent the app that reads an external hard drive connected to a smart phone so you can simply attach and send docs willy nilly?

I have a lot of cousins.

Hader ast Stefon. Come on! BFF.

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