Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just a Little Politics Before Bed

I hate politics.

John McCain is nuts.

I am a Socialist for health care and education. Everything else---let people fucking Rollerball it out. Seems to be what they want to do. At least for now…later on, we’ll work on the aggression. See below.

I do not believe in persuasive arguments about anything. If you do not have data that reflects a very controlled experiment, then you are talking out your self serving ass.

I don’t know why I am in a political yack mood tonight. It may have something to do with getting older and cranky-er.

Religion better be morphing. I will be interested in it much more kindly once the world unites all their religions, jettisons the hocus-pocus and understands rituals for what they are: anti-anxiety medication.

Children are not political, though they are naturally grabby and territorial. If there was a world polity that dealt with grabbiness and territorialism, and it was agreed upon by all, war would end, surely.

A two state solution to Israel/Palestine?  Sure. Look at that hooved mammal with wings hovering outside my window.

If Germany can’t get this renewable energy thing down---then how can anyone else do it? I don’t understand why fat people can’t just peddle bicycles hooked up to generators and get paid for it. Solves three problems at once. Suet, air, cash.

This new pope is daring. Let’s hear it for the new world.

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