Monday, September 09, 2013

Toronto Tinsel Town

I saw five features up in Toronto this weekend. All of them, I liked. The first two on the list were at The Toronto Indy where my short was screened. In Return was one of those rare movies that is funny and sweet. And you actually buy it. First time filmmaker Chris Dymond does a great job as does the cast.

Kristen Wiig does an amazing Chloe Sevigny in Hateship Loveship. Guy Pearson is sort of my boyfriend now. Again. He forgot for a while.

I loved Le Weekend. Homage, kinda, to Goddard. Smart and funny.  A few false notes...or at least, unclear notes.

Ah, movies. Those cheesy things became THE things in the 20th century. And now, there are so many.

Enjoy all your future viewing.

In Return


Hateship Loveship


Le Weekend

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