Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Completely Content and Absolutely Happy About Everything

April Fools!

I remember well when our good friend David K would call us on April 1 with a gigantic hoax. One year, he got Adam to believe that he owed an enormous amount of extra dues to the WGA. It wasn't until Adam started throwing fits on the phone that David let him in on the prank and did the ol' April Fools! yell.

I am not a prankster. I do not like surprises, rubber chickens, whoopie cushions, garage door openers that squirt water in my face. Though these things are simply juvenile, they do have a whiff of cruelty about them.
However, if someone really does go to great lengths to pull a huge prank, there is art in that and maybe worth the trouble.

April really is the cruelest month, not so much because it begins with this silly "holiday," but because it is spring and it is still cold. The flowering trees do not start up until mid to late April. Spring does not really take hold until May. But I digress. Back to silliness.

I do not like Renaissance festivals or body paint. I do not like people in furry outfits. April Fools Day feels like the silliest thing ever. And maybe, just maybe, it is good for little kids to learn that lying can be a bit fun-hearted. I don't know.

Don't let anyone fool you today. And if they do, it better be worth it.


Mike DePinto said...

Expect the three ghosts of April Fool's past to visit you March 31st of next year.

John B said...

SAT Q & A: April Fools day is to a practical joker what New Year's Eve is to a dipsomaniac: amateur night.