Sunday, March 16, 2014

The New Guard: Paul Kouri


This is my good friend who is making a stab at great governance. He's a well balanced Democrat with solid ideas and a killer work ethic. He also has a heart of gold and is smart like, well, you.

Oh let's face it. He's one of us! A person who wakes up every morning--who looks at the world and says, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE??!!  But instead of doing what I do, which is to do something else, he is doing something about it.

You won't be Sorry, if you head for Kouri.

Yours, in politics, sort of.


PS--For those who need to know, I am a pragmatic moderate Democrat with both Socialist and Libertarian leanings. I believe different things can be put in different baskets and everyone will be better off for it. I can't say Paul is like me. But I can say Paul Kouri has his eye on all the baskets. And, Paul was the name of the witch's tarantula on Bugs Bunny.

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