Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sucky, Fucky in Kentucky

This is quite heartfelt, yes.

I don't, though, exactly understand what the crying is all about. Is there something going on there personally? He mentions his daughter in the end. And he wants to be proud.

Maybe he is simply overcome with the heartfelt warmth of doing what he knows is right.

Or maybe he is crying over the greater pain of the human condition: this horrendous divide of opinion and people fighting over what really should not be a fight at all.

I do not know.

But it is clearly clear that the gay rights of gay citizens are pummeling the land from stem to stern. Another lost item--Kentucky--for the Socially Conservative Right. All the rest of you Rights, you Party-of-Lincolns, you Libertarians, you freedom seeking roustabouts---we all know you are with us, the entire Democratic Party. This is something we all agree on. Let it ring. Let it be done. Sea-to-Shining-Sea equality by 2015.

Churches--go on and marry no one you don't want to marry. We just don't care.

Kentucky. Yes. Kentucky.

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