Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy To Shift the Talk

So, let's say the climate change we are experiencing is NOT being caused by human beings. Sure. Let's make that leap. "And keep the economy going." (As if you can only keep an economy going one way. Good Lord.)

Anyway--let's just say we are not causing it.

But let's look at the math and count the CO2 molecules. So, if the CO2 molecules in our atmosphere have measurably increased by almost 100%, then, wouldn't you just want to maybe even try an experiment that would reduce this just to see if things can change?

And while doing that, maybe try to have a new economy based on all sorts of new fun things?

So, for the other side:

1) Human Beings aren't causing climate change. Fine.
2) CO2 levels have greatly increased. (It doesn't matter how this happened. It just did.)
3) We all know the more CO2 crammed into a jar, or like in the atmosphere of the planet Venus, the hotter things get. No one can argue this measurable point.
4) So, why not try to reduce this mysterious ever-increasing CO2 level (Wherever the hell it came from?)

I appeal to your logic. I give into your understanding that we didn't cause it. No, we didn't. But we can do something about this pesky CO2 that we need a lot less of...

Come with me. Enjoy the challenge of a fun-as-hell new economy!

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