Monday, May 26, 2014

The English, From Whence it Came, Chucked it...So Why Don't We?

It is time to rewrite this silly constitution that people hold so dear.

I do not believe the original framers meant for students to walk around killing each other. Of course, there have always been nuts who have killed people. Maybe this is to be expected.

But when people get in my face about the Constitution, you just have to figure they are verse and chapter types, afraid of change. Why are we being hijacked by such clay footed folks?

I say, rewrite it. Enough already. This thing gets us into too much trouble. It is TOO LOOSELY written and too open for debate.

And certainly, there is no need for people to be running around with all these guns.

Perhaps the only answer is to start assassinating the children of the NRA?  Then the chapter and verse types might understand?
(Note to officials of any kind---that was hyperbolic sarcasm, those last two lines.)

Senselessness. It is purely senseless to hold onto ideas that have not only outlived their usefulness but also presently cause undo harm.

Rewrite this thing. This silly piece of paper. It's so old. And this country is too full of self serving loons to have its organizing document be
1) something so open to discussion.
2) something that makes it so easy to just run around and kill people.

Apple Pie? Sure.
Gun loving?  Go kill your own children, you lunatics.

Time for a rewrite. And maybe even chopping this country into three.  North, South, West.


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