Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oregon: Thanks, kind of. No, Really, Thanks.

Oregon flipped and now you can get married there, if you need to, and happen to be marrying someone of the same sex.

Here is the current Freedom-To-Marry stats:

Adam and I were married on March 26, 2004 in Portland Oregon. We got off the plane around noon and were married in front of a department store by our good friend Bart's coworker who had that reliable Universal Life Ministry certificate. (Pic Below)

A few weeks later, the state of Oregon overturned our marriage, voided our certificate and sent us a check for the original amount paid for the license. We never cashed the check figuring it would be a good piece of prejudice ephemera.

But now, a little over ten years later, Oregon has come through. So thank you Oregon, you strange state.

And, thank you, my husband, who then hooked up with me as a California Domestic Partner in a MailBox Etc. in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles in July of 2005 and then on October 20, 2011, we were married in the State of New York downtown in Manhattan and it stuck. And then the Feds recognized it. And now, I just chase him around the apartment with a rolling pin.

It is a strange experience to be the people who are getting their rights in real time.

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