Thursday, December 04, 2014

All Over Some Loosies?

Besides it being ridiculous that Eric Garner is dead and his choker is walking around like nothing happened, is the issue that few talk about.

Consider this quote from The Daily News:

“Every time you see me you try to arrest me,” Garner told Officer Daniel Pantaleo and a second cop before he was put in the chokehold, according to a video first posted by “I’m tired of it. It stops today.”

Clearly, they had a history. And with any history loaded with animosity, there is resentment and bottled up aggression ready to blow. The day Daniel Pantaleo put that choke hold on Garner, he was intent on finally winning. Like a bully in school yard, a Nazi in a bunker or a dictator in North Korea, that cop exercised his power in the most base and horrendous way imaginable.

When you watch the video, it is clear Eric Garner was choked and slammed to death. Was there intent? Most likely not. But he killed him.  They all killed him.  For the sale of some Loosies...  If you are broke, in your twenties, looking for a smoke in NYC, it has been a tradition, though illegal, to buy a loose cigarette. And to kill this man for that...  

Daily News Article with LINK TO VIDEO

Friends, this is outrageous.

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