Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Why do people like sappy movies?

I once sat through The Preacher's Wife on a plane...  I remember how I sort of liked it because I hated the flight and it was a decent distraction.  But it was moronic, of course.

We sat through Saving Mr. Banks last night on Starz.  From people who had seen it when it was released, I heard it was sort of enjoyable and even made fun of Disney. It was tripe. The entire thing.

Now...I understand there is a huge world out there and people need their entertainment. People work hard. Life can be grueling. So a little fantasy and dare I say it, simplicity, is often in order. I mean, not so much for me...I can take the slog of living life head on...as long as I have hearth and home, hubby and friends. But I am in the minority, I know.

But what I do not get---truly---is that people can actually watch silly things and then end up thinking that life is actually like that. This is wild to me.  And here comes my ultimate beef:  I end up feeling very alone in a world that believes in unicorns and rainbows, sweetness at any cost and scrubbed clean psyches.

Give me the mess. The real mess. Please. Why not? It's so much more interesting.

Isn't it more satisfying to dig into things in a more interesting way instead of pretending the town is going to all get together to help the crippled kid,  that the divorce is not going to happen, that Momma is actually going to get out of bed, that money grows on trees while goodness springs eternal?

I believe in love. I do. It's the best thing ever.   But there is so much else going on. And we have to clear up those things. I think we have to face them. Funny. Dramatic. Wry. Farce. Sincere.

No need for the simple delusion, here, that in one fell swoop you are going to face your demon, sob, and then hug Mickey Mouse and feel all better.

Nothing new in trashing the silliness of Disney movies.

We need better.

Emma Thompson needs better.

I don't think Tom Hanks cares either way.

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