Monday, December 22, 2014

Can't Stop It with This Train Wreck!

The season finale is coming.  Get yourself the HBO if you don't have it. (Also, I hear soon HBO is "Going Over the Top"...meaning, you can order it all by itself, separate from your cable company. And watch it anytime.)

And what is this season finale?

The Comeback

Every disgusting and pathetic thing that happens on the show is pretty much a true depiction of how it can get in Hollytown.  It's not that way for everyone, obviously.   But all the misery presented, in all its uncomfyness---is a decent amalgamation.

I love Hollywood.  Why not? A lot of people are having fun there. Doing what they like. Making money. Pretending they are having great sex when mostly they are staring in the mirror. Certainly, the circus tents pop up and down and every day can be something different. It's fun.

But let this show be a cautionary, and wry tale.

Additionally--there's an arc that makes sense. Nice bonus.

Lisa Kudrow is a smart and talented cookie. Laura Silverman, pitched perfect against her.

Merry All of it.

At our house, #WeLoveYouKudrowAndKing

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