Friday, May 23, 2008

Population with its Burning Desire

Even if we go completely solar---nothing will put an end to the population problem.

Assuming the energy needs for each living being continues to increase, how many arrays would you need?

It would take incredible management and colossal cooperation for the human race to pull it together as one heaving entity overseeing an endless supply of non-polluting energy.

But what if we had all the energy we could ever want? What if it became so plentiful and commonplace that it was actually free?

Well, we’re cavemen and we like fire. So, I imagine we would use all that free energy to stoke up even more fire. We’d keep burning stuff in order to make other stuff. It’s in our monkey genes. The primate as alchemist.

It is hard to imagine that we will not keep burning up this rock until it is no longer inhabitable, in the name of “the economy” or “because I worked hard for it.”

Next week, I hop on a jet, like it’s nothing, like everyone else. What I burn? Even when you split up the fuel per passenger? I’m a hog.

And I won’t be stopped.

We are a death wish bunch. We must lean into our extinction. Perhaps plankton are the true intelligent life force on earth. Let them have the title. And give them back their ocean.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

I keep a pretty light Carbon Footprint living in the Big City.... But I just saw a TV Special (The Human Footprint) on the amount of stuff a single human consumes in tin cans, paper, plastics, and etc. Quite depressing, actually.