Friday, January 23, 2009

Time's Up

What, four days now? And nothing’s solved?

Damn, this Barak Obama is slow.

I know he said it wasn’t going to be easy and that it would take some time. But I REALLY thought it was a case of him under promising so he could over perform. I guess I was wrong?

The bottom is getting even bottomyer. The unemployed are running at me IN THE AISLES at Home Depot. (Wasn’t it enough I had to run them over in the parking lot?)
My pets are all dead and he hasn’t brought any of them back to life. My retirement account is good for one free hot dog.

Less and less. Less and less. The clock is ticking.

It would be great if I could still eat. But then again, look at me! I have the body of a poor person: fat! Used to be, if things were tight, people ate less. Not us! We’re all eating like hogs. Or maybe it’s the gallons of wine? We look at our cash-on-hand and all we see is skin.

I want this thing fixed by Monday. I’ve had enough.

And Bush? Dead by Tuesday.

Cheney? Taxidermed by Wednesday.

Condi and Rummy? Starting Thursday, forced to perform in the sauerkraut wrestling side show at all the malls in this country named The Galleria.

And B.O.? Make me green. Make me rich. Make it yesterday.

My patience has worn out. Retribution and prosperity, right now.


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On the bright side, Trader Joe's now has organic house-brand wine.