Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Surprise?

Really? I was walking down the street in Beverly Hills today, heading toward my allergist, when I thought, “Really, there was nothing wrong with George Bush. He was just being who he was. It was all those idiots who voted for him who are the problem.”

Okay, maybe I’m doing a kind of wide shift thing in order to spread my judgment around, but really, it WAS all those millions of people who CHOSE the guy!

The United States of America is a dream state…it churns by PR. People buy that PR. And they get motivated. That works a bit.

And then there was Bush’s PR which was severe and strong. Which seemed nuts to me. Completely. But there were enough people, a voting majority, who did not think he was nuts. So Bush tapped into some great consciousness. So the state we are in now, was truly chosen by the people: War, poverty, low energy. We chose that. (Well, many of us didn’t, but the majority did.) Disaster of our own making.

But I see an upside to this. No, I DO! Since we chose the nut, and since, now, we’ve chosen someone else and since every day we are always in a state of choosing, well, we can choose a new reality.

Let’s simply do that.

Let’s not whine in 20-09.

Let’s choose the new, better thing, get behind it, make it strong.


Dan said...

I don't know about a "voting majority," unless you are talking about a voting majority of the Supreme Court.

Rebecca Waring said...

Too many people voted for him. Especially in 2004. Festeringly stupid people. But then, would Obama have been elected if we hadn't had the disastrous Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld axis? Sometimes people need their lessons written across the sky.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Apropos of nothing... Did you hear that Bush Chief of Staff has been railing against Obama because he was photographed with his shirt sleeves in the Oval Office... Why can't all these Bushies go frak themselves or each other... Just SHUT UP!