Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Big Fight Is Expensive

The two party system is a football game. Americans love their sports more than anything else. More than religion. More than money. Americans are lovers of the fight.

Our “land of opportunity” has chosen for simple minded people. “I could stay here in this horrible country or I could go to Americay.”

You had to be the kind of person who could simplify your life into those terms to get to these great shores. The rest who were left behind, they had a more grayish world view, “Well, I could starve to death here, and I might be murdered for believing in my weird bird-God, but I like the trees, the kids like it here, too, and well, I don’t know, what do you think, Mary?”

And thus---a decision was not made because there were too many variables, and well, why the hell just not decide? Gray.

But those of our ancestors who did decide (and granted, we all know some were brought here against their will. Sorry.)---but those who did decide, they must have been ever so slightly more black and white in their thinking.

And now we have a two party system. And it is awfully annoying.

So while Obama has to have a televised therapy session with the ReStubborncans, China is taking over the wind turbine industry, the sun cell industry, you name the industry.

China is, I think we can agree, a very old country. And though they are technically still Communist (I guess?), there is a long history of being a whole lot of other things: Confucius followers, subjugated citizens of foreigners, subjugators of others, grand inventors, a monarchy, traders, isolationists, you name it.

But---they did figure something out over time---more-than-one-party-systems are a big pain in the ass. So why not make it one party and get shit done?!

As a Chinese woman who leads cultural tours of China that I met in Ferndale, CA once said to me, “The U.S. and China are the same! We are the same! We are both very practical and we both like to make money!”

I think the U.S. likes to fight more than it likes to make money.

Not that money is everything…but certainly, getting done what needs to be done IS everything, which often leads to money.

I like the multi-party runoff systems in many parliamentary countries. I have often thought I could live in France. But there is a humor and music problem there.

The United States is falling behind because people here are very black and white in their thinking, very entrenched, like to fight and are not nimble.
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40licious said...

Besides the food and some lovely people, nothing really good comes out of China. Anymore.