Monday, January 04, 2010

Feeling of Newslessness

Friends, doesn’t it all feel a bit repetitive out there?

Funny, you open the paper and there is not much new. Health Care gets hammered out forever. Terrorist are terrorizing. People kill people and then they go on trial.


You kind of want something to blow. But you want its largeness to be a good largeness.

Something wonderful and really, really new. Could happen.

It really could happen.

I have been blogging for almost five years. Absurd, really.

I was resistant at first. I thought, “Come on? Blog? Don’t I have enough Hambone going on in my life?”

It has been a good way to write every day. Truly. Keeps you tingling along.

If only I could run into some news.

Okay---here is some news. It is cold outside. At first, I thought this was a terrible thing. Having lived in Southern California for a long time, with its easy, warm-cool air, the Northeast felt aggressively inhospitable. But you get used to the weather. And then, it just seems natural. Maybe I could get used to Barrow, Alaska. (Hi Mary.)

Okay, that is not news. That’s just weather talk. See? There is no news.

Something big will happen soon. People want it. So we will create it.

May your 1-5-10 lurch you toward newness.

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mkm said...

i think the weather would be the least of your problems with barrow,ak!!

Stephen said...

Well done blog.
Good writing.
Interesting opinions,
Fascinating guy.
Happy New Decade, Don!

Joe Jubinville said...

Something big blew in 2001, but our pet goat in chief didn't recognize the opportunity for the global spiritual leap forward that lay hidden in the rubble. They were holding candlelight vigils for US in Tehran, for chrissakes. Gone, gone, gone...

Never mind. Maybe the next big thing will happen under the radar. Quietly. Like bread and fish passed from hand to hand. Hidden in plain sight. Where the ruling powers don't have a clue. It could happen.