Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sell it: Renewables

Obama is doing what he said he would do.

I am thrilled that he got behind the health care thing, even though it is going to be quite imperfect.

And he is juggling the wars.

Hugely and beautifully, he is also having the government invest in the development in renewable energy. Something else he said he would do.

But there is one thing he is not doing. He is not getting people working. Of course, he did not say he would.

But my optimism is the renewable energy stimulus will BE the job stimulus. We have so much to do. And as Washington D.C. jumpstarts this new economy, so goes the whole country. As we all know, we are way behind Europe, China and Japan is this area.

I want to say it loud! Obama, RENEW US!

(And fifty years from now, the Republicans will be shouting, “YUZE NOT TAKIN’ ‘WAY our RENEWABLE MONEY.”)

It is happening now. It must. A new society. Based on providing energy for ourselves. And we can get the hell out of the Middle East. Right?

I am saying nothing new here.

Okay, and this is the shadow side. My fear. Obama will not get passionate enough to sell this through. The dude needs to lead us on this. He is, sadly, like me. I have an idea and I think, “Shit. This is so obvious. Of course everyone is going to jump on board. It’s logical.”

But people are not logical. And I have brain-narcissism.

So Obama---do us all a favor. Come forth and sell this. Sell it hard. Make people KNOW that this is the future. The job future. The investment future. The economic future. The peace future. You must sell it. Sell. Sell. Sell.

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Joe Jubinville said...

Oil has so little up side. Toxic, dirty, bestowing incalculable wealth on xenophobic religious cranks. And it’s our money. The sooner we get off the stuff, the sooner the middle east can return to the isolated backwater it was before - everybody’s happy.

Renewable energy and green life is the future in so many ways. Jobs, new wealth, a better life for the planet. I wish Obama had Gore’s passion about this, he has the charisma, but sometimes I think he’s afraid of himself.

I fear the U.S. is already losing the leadership in green technology, and more importantly, in the vision itself. And Big Oil’s entrenchment in the status quo is a tragic hindrance for the U.S.