Monday, January 28, 2013

Even Tough Birds Get the Blues

Sticks and stones and shit like that…

Weird thing is…the scads of humans that are repulsed by homosexuals and let their voice rip loud and clear—some of them even sentencing gay people to death---is something that I try not to think about too much.

Of course, when I hear the “religious” freak haters, I grow furious. But then I have other things to do. When I hear about the Eastern Hemisphere nations that throw gay people into jails and even kill them for their simple nature, I am terrified, furious and sad.

I used to think the look in the eyes of some gay men, you know the look---sort of like they are recoiling from a baseball bat coming at them—a weird frozen look of fear---well, I thought that had to do with some soft girly whatever the hell…

But I think it is the look of alienated terror. They are recoiling from the part of themselves that knows they are despised. That they are targets is too much to bear, so they remove themselves, somewhat, and you can see it in their bolting, fast, sad, darting eyes. At least the men.

Lesbians, in their alienation and fear, their eyes look more flattened out, expressionless.

Of course…I am speaking in generalities and only about a sub-group of these groups. But I do believe gay people are traumatized, still, and they pull in. And in some, you can see it in their eyes.

Poor little dears. They must all come over, young and old, to my house for minestrone.

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