Monday, January 07, 2013


I am sure there have been many things written about GIRLS, Lena Dunham’s HBO hit…but I have read none of it.

For the new year, we buckled down and got ourselves full-on cable. We’ve been catching up with on-Demand HD enjoyables night and day.

I love ENLIGHTENED.  I love GIRLS.  Judge me. Whatever you need to do.

But frankly, every time “Hannah” rips off her shirt to reveal her small yet fat boobs in a state of sexual excitability, I just want to scream, and I do, “You brave soul.”

Hate or love these Brooklyn baffoons…I think that’s the point. It’s kind of both. And it’s funny and sad and it won’t end well for any of them, not really. And they know it.

What a generation.

But you know…people grow up and they leave Brooklyn…or at least move to Park Slope.

Until then—watching misspent youth misspend it is enjoyable.

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