Sunday, January 06, 2013

Illness is Existential

I am not ill, though my husband is as are so many other hacking filthy sneezers on every street corner.

I believe in flu shots and vitamins.

However---I think people are suffering from a few varieties of cold/flu/hell right now. Poor things.

So I got to thinking about life forms that cause misery. And really, these nasty viruses are only doing their nasty dance by accident. I mean---by random mutations, these little beasts, which are barely animals, cause people to sneeze and hack so they can go on living in other beasts. There was no reason for this. It is not intelligent. It was a mistake that turned out to cause the continuation of these things. They don’t know what they are doing. They have no intention. They simply are. Like the lilies in the field?

Some people are freaked out by randomness. It gives me peace. Accepting what is random is really the highest form of acceptance. And then, there is no need to talk of God. Because when you are in that state of full acceptance, that “God feeling” of oneness is all around you.

Frankly—there is no real argument between atheists and God-lovers. There is only one absolute truth: We are here.

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