Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Impossible

It is impossible to me that this movie was made at all. It was so real looking, and so horrible, that I have to say: it was the best movie I have ever seen that I wish I never saw.

When disaster films were over-the-top, fictional and somewhat campy, you could take them. Think Poseidon Adventure. But when you make it as real as possible, somehow, it ceases to be entertainment and just becomes pure torture.

I applaud the movie. It was harrowing. But it was extremely disturbing at the most basic level of survival and engaged my lizard brain a bit too deeply. Natural random destruction (the 2004 tsunami) followed by injuries and separation from family, then chaos with a refugee feeling followed by possible death from infection. We screamed and cried. There is an ending that would make you think it was worth the torture. I don’t know…

These HD televisions can be personal electronic trauma machines.

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