Monday, June 24, 2013

Before Midnight

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 98% rating. Understandable. Only the people who like this sort of thing will seek it out and watch it. That's us.

Completely enjoyable movie. The third installment of these two self-involved dynamos yacking it out in a romantic setting--and worth the time. For me, this is the most pleasing of the so-far-trilogy. There is disillusionment and bite swinging from the trees in this Greek paradise. Jesse and Celine are at it again. Older, better, thicker, more droopy, nipples getting worked.

While watching the movie, early on, I thought--this is so unreal, no one's like this--until I quickly became aware that I know so many people like this.

"Why is it all so hard and why isn't it set up for my satisfaction?"---yeah, that covers a lot of people.

At one point, Jesse clearly points out to Celine how they really can't be complaining too much. They live right in the middle of Paris.  So as to make you not loathe them for having no awareness of their special privileged spots on earth, the movie knows its place in the pack.

The two actors, as usual, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, are wonderful again. The opening one-take shot in the car is a long shocker. Linklater, you ambitious guy.

They rehearse and rehearse and memorize and that it all seems real. This movie is scripted to the comma. Love it. Not many directors and actors in film will attempt this or pull this off. I am a fan of long wordy scenes (that work).

The marriage ground covered here is not new. But it is newly presented. Fresh as hell. And there is a scene at a dinner table with friends when a woman talks of her dead husband and what she does to keep him alive in her mind but how he is disappearing, anyway, well, my husband and I cried like babies.

Beautiful, sharp, romantic, maddening, truthful, narcissistic, probing, smart and weirdly, even, humble.

See it. Rent it. Live well.

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