Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gay Eve

One wonders (Wim Wenders) what will become of the gay couples currently wriggling under the regressive bigotry of the big DOMA law.

Tune in, soon, when you may be hearing things like:

Yay! My April returns just got easier and I don’t have to pay as much to my accountant to do my complicated gay taxes!

Yay! I can sell my house one day and not worry about all sorts of government agencies taking away more of my big fat gay dollars.

Yay! Kids in Arkansas who are as gay as geese can grow up to marry the sex of their choice and register at Walmart! Maybe.

Yay! There is no longer a law that overrides states’s rights.

Yay! Please pass the Grey Poupon.

Yay! Gay people can write non-sequiturs about mustard and not be thrown in jail!

Yay! This helps our transgender friends a lot, too! In one nice swoop.


Boo. Just Boo. How dare you?

Here it comes.

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