Tuesday, June 04, 2013


It has been said (by someone) that what men fear most is humiliation and what women fear most is rape. (And what women in India fear the most is gang rape?)

Every man will face humiliation in his lifetime. A woman has a better chance of not facing her ultimate fear.

This, of course, could make a girl less worried. But she would be silly to take on such a relaxed posture.

Anyone looking for more information on world rape statistics can take a gander here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics   even if Wikipedia is a questionable source.

What is striking is that Norway, NORWAY, has the following statistic:
One in Ten women in Norway are raped. 

As for that little country just south of Canada:
One of six U.S. women has experienced an attempted or completed rape.

Rape is often connected with alcohol and drug use. Sweden has a high incidence of rape.

Rape in India is one of the leading crimes against women in the subcontinent.

It is obviously an outrageous thing that is happening on earth.  “The women asked for it,” is a common refrain.

It seems to me that women should be allowed to carry an arsenal of weapons in this world. Not because I believe in weaponry, but because there is no way that 51% of the world’s population can be protected by the miniscule number of male-dominated law enforcers.

It is appalling. I do believe in GMO humans if the y-gene tampering stops the raping.

I can handle the endless small, medium and large humiliations of my life, being male. I could not handle being raped. The ultimate intimidation, the ultimate crime, really.

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