Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Charles Ives Take Me Home

Sometimes, you get a couple of free tickets and you just go because you like something about the title. My first play had a Charles Ives piece in it that purposefully and uncomfortably stopped the entire action of the story (for which the head of the drama department at Tufts said "You can't stop a play like that."  I disagree.)

I was apt to like Charles Ives Take Me Home.  It was fantastic. 75 minutes. Daughter basketball coach and Father violinist don't quite get along. And Charles Ives is the referee. Physically and spiritually. 

It's a story about blind spots and the obsessions that leave you further blind.  The writing is fresh and sharp. The story is not exactly new, emotionally, but it is a very particular take. The acting is so damn strong by all three actors. I haven't seen that kind of full-on acting in a long time. Nothing held back. Fully committed. And they have to do seriously difficult things on stage. Basketball, violin, piano.   The direction was lovely and tight.

Three thumbs up.  At The Rattlestick.

By Jessica Dickey
Directed by Daniella Topol
With Drew McVety, Kate Nowlin, Henry Stram
Through June 29.  


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