Monday, June 24, 2013

Yay, Games!

This Snowden thing is not what it seems. It's just a bunch of big-boy games in a multi-room finished basement.

It's Hide-and-Go-Seek, I Spy, Poker, Chess and Whack-a-Mole all in one.

The U.S. knows exactly what it is doing. Wouldn't it be great if the FBI/CIA/OBummers let Snowden run around for a while, getting all chummy with all sorts of govs who have it in for us who then brag all sorts of crap to him while they are congratulating him and smacking him on the back for spitting in the eye of the greatest superpower of all time?

Damn, by the time Washington catches Teddy, he is going to have a bunch of gamey information. Sure, they'll pretend to put him in jail, or they'll put him in jail...but he's going to be very useful.

He might even be a decoy for the greater master-planner of all this. (Lady Gaga?)

And what about Ecuador, that land of sea turtles? Maybe he'll make it there. But it sounds like he may have to swim.

As far as I'm concerned, dig deep into my mailbox and scratch away at my texts. There's no privacy any longer. Who cares? If I do a Google search for tampons, within minutes I start getting ads for panty shields. Can it get any worse?

Enough with this Cold War intrigue. It makes me just want to put on shiny boots, plaid pants and a thick tie while watching Sally Struthers manipulate both her father, Archie, and her husband, The Meathead. Let's get to the real high stakes of our times:  Can my husband and I inherit each other's better/bigger social security after death?  Come on, Supreme Court, I won't be happy eating cat food when I'm 80. Smooth out my I.R.S. experience. Listen to the kids--80% of them who are ready to declare gender and the many ways genders can interact with each other to be just a bunch of fun colors.

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