Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Certain Things About Today, With Some Questions

The big news: The New York Times site is DOWN. A Syrian group claims responsibility. I think it may have been a jealous cat from one of the You Tube cat videos. All in all, if people can hack into big media sites and take their asses down, I think it may be time to wonder...exactly...how...the...media...company...did...not...protect...itself.

Very humid in New York. It is starting to sting the nervous system. Autumn, we're ready.

Nissan is coming out with driverless cars. I can't wait. And if this becomes common, then one of the greatest side benefits could be much smaller cars or large cars that pick up many people.

I saw hawks hovering over Northern Manhattan yesterday. Animals. More animals. Please.

Half a Benadryl can do the job of getting you to sleep before midnight.

Though no one died when Clinton lied, a little part of me died from watching and learning how nasty the torch and pitchfork people can be.

I am going to Toronto. I visited once when I was a kid. All I remember is orange carpet type upholstery on trolley car seats.

Quinn will most likely win...but there are others worth noting. Keep an eye out.

I still maintain that I would love, entirely, a single payer healthcare system. I do not have the exact math to say it would be more efficient. I don't believe the U.S. has great health care as it stands now. I do believe a single payer system would cause some problems while alleviating others. What's up, Canada?

When is the next season of Orange is the New Black? And why is it so good?

My husband was nominated for an Emmy. For Second Screen Experience for Homeland for Showtime. I keep calling him Emmy Lou Harris. Bad puns make strong partners.

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