Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Christie in a Side Car

Every time I look at Christie, I see a large unintelligent slob.

Of course, he is not unintelligent.

But this is the problem with each side of the political debate. It seems so easy to think that the other people, the ones in the other group, are stupid. When really, of course, intelligence is not the variable here. It's world view.

But worse than my prejudice against Republican thinking is how easy it is to quickly dismiss someone, using some sort of nasty put down.

I don't care how much someone weighs, unless they're on top of me. I don't care what someone looks like, in general.  So why, when I get riled, do I go right to, "That fat fuck!"

It really is a low character trait. Yet--that's what I want to do. I want to dismiss with an insult.

It's good to notice this. From now on, I will ignore his corpulence. I will only listen to what he says.

After all, he is a mushy Catholic underneath the extra flesh---he even admits that sexual orientation alteration programs don't work. He softens. People soften.

(Which makes me question...why all the fighting to begin with, since over time you end up softening?)

I do hope Christie runs. I do believe, though, that people aren't going to vote for the fat guy.

Shit, I slipped.

Okay, the backward guy.

Or a loud mouth from Jersey.

Plus...as Right as he is, I cannot imagine he is Right enough for the base.

They could try to push him over there---but that would take so many, right?

Oh, man, I did it again.

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