Monday, August 05, 2013

Orange is the New Black is the New T.V.

I, like so many people who think lesbians are hot, love Orange is the New Black.

I do hope this show brings down the entire cable industry.

Why the hell should I be paying all this monthly money for all the sports that I don’t watch?

Cable T.V. is a tax on all of us so people can watch people manipulate a moving ball.

No interest.

Die, cable, die. It’s a wretched regional monopoly.

I look forward to the fun start-ups that become curators of content that is available online. So I start a company called, “My T.V.”  and you subscribe for, say, 9.99/month. I have you fill out a huge questionnaire or have you do a Pandora-like thumbs up or down and lo’ and behold, your channels are built.

Most everyone will end up having Showtime and HBO. And many of us will not have one single sports channel. Some people will have all those nature shows and some people will be full-blown Kardashian-channel watchers.

Give me my “My T.V.” now. Please.

I wish I could start this company—but my experience has been by the time I think of something, someone has already pulled together the venture capital and is working 150 hours a week to make it happen.  Pass me the remote…

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