Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goddamn Sexual Orientation Advantages!

It’s so unfair to be gay.

You have all these choices. You don’t have to have children. Your partner understands you, generally, because you are the same sex.

You have extra cash lying around because you aren’t worrying about kids in college (if you, easily, didn’t have any) and you can eat things.

You don’t really have to behave in any tight way because people expect you to be a little off.

And if you are a gay male, well, you know, no one’s going to divorce you because you got a blow job in Vegas.

The legal screaming about marriage was important.  D.O.M.A.---eat my pussy.

But now that we are totally sidling up to parity, isn’t it rather unfair that we get all the perks of marriage while retaining all the quirks of old timey gaydom?

Lucky bitches.

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