Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jewrina My Dreams

Two big Hoorays for the Juden!

First of all, Gloria Steinem on Bill Maher. She’s still sassy, smart, pulled together and right on. You look at her and all you can think is, “You did it, sister.”
Gloria Steinem was the keynote speaker at my alma mater not long after I graduated. I remember getting a copy of her speech from Tufts. And I was quite impressed.
Here it is:

Tufts Commencement

I think men are still unnerved by her. It’s fascinating.


Happy Purim!

Today, while on my five mile neighborhood walk that passes by the homes of many an Orthodox Jew, I saw all sorts of rabble rousing going on. Kids in costumes. Faces painted with funny designs. Children all excited like it was Halloween. Houses were shaking with old Hebrew folk songs. Visitors entered the houses singing. It was so fun. I stopped a mother and her gussied up kids and I asked her, “What is the name of this holiday?” And she said “Purim. That’s why everyone is dressed up so crazy.” She was the happiest Orthodox woman I’ve ever met. She appeared joyful when talking about her scampering children. I think these Orthodox people should celebrate Purim bi-monthly. Way to go, Esther!


RebeccaW said...

The thing I liked best in that speed? The means are the ends. It's so true!

HelenBach said...

I've never seen a truly happy Orthodox woman. Maybe it's because she lives in California.

Dan said...

If you are going to pick a Jewish holiday to celebrate, Purim is it. It was the Hannukah before modern Christmas came along. It's traditional to get drunk and give gifts. My other favorite is Tubishvat when you eat exotic fruit.

As for Helenbach - sometimes you can't see they're happy through all the frumpy wigs and clothes, you have to talk to them.

Go Gloria, she almost makes it worth being a Jew.

Mr. H.K. said...

Gloria had some scene stealing lines while on Maher. And I thought he was looking quite perturbed about it!...

He can be such a mysogynist...

I think he was REALLY jealous!


Also, I saw all the Purim-ites celebrating on the Upper West Side on my way home from work last afternoon...

You and I see the same things sometimes.