Sunday, March 19, 2006

Santa Bummer

This weekend, we made our yearly visit to Santa Barbara to see our wonderful friends, Joe and Vibeke. They live on top of a hill, surrounded by live oaks. Every minute with them is pure grace and enjoyment. The view to the North is enormous, looming mountains. The view to the South is The Pacific Ocean. The property is a designated conservancy, so the trees are very old, twisted and huge and the whole experience of being in this environment is what one might think it is to live in a painting of a natural idyll.

And now, the war.

Joe’s neighbor, an elderly woman who owns many acres that are not yet developed, has a son who is in the military and works in special operations. He told Joe, over a year ago, “Don’t believe anything they tell you. This is a Civil War.”

Saturday night, we went to a wine tasting party. Which was great, spirited fun. The house was beautiful, a Spanish revival. The man of the house was a wonderful chef with three piercings in each ear lobe, the decorative baubles having made the lobes floppy over the years. The food he served was mostly Middle Eastern and delicious. The attending wine tasters (and we tasted eleven wines) were of various races and dispositions. The uniting joy of the evening was wine #9. Amid the revelry, a healer, Lissa, laid her hands on my upper chest and cured my acid reflux. I am not sure she knew I needed healing in that area, but her hands went to the pain, automatically, and so I am happily cured.

And now, again, the war.

Lissa and I spoke at length. She is extremely intuitive. And being an intuitive—and I share some intuitive qualities (which might be why intuitives come at me in droves)— Lissa and I spoke, sans boundaries, at length. We eventually landed on my “big shift” that is about to happen and how I should just let it happen. But before we got there, she and I talked about how painful it has been to live in a country that is in the throes of an aggressive war. We are like children who cannot take the truth. It’s too upsetting. It is too painful.
One thinks of My Lai.

My Lai

No More. Friends, no more war.

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Rebecca Waring said...

Sometimes I feel so jealous of your life. The only good news about the war and other Bush crimes is that his ratings are in the toilet. The Washington Post had an article last week where the White House reiterated the Neocon insanity of preemption as their defense strategy and that very night on ABC they reported how that announcement sent his ratings even further down. Americans are finally waking up, I think. That is the biggest relief.