Thursday, March 16, 2006

Welcome to the Neighborhood

So often people will ask, "Where do you live in LA?"

And easily enough, I can say, "Hollywood," or "Just off Melrose," or "Near Melrose and La Brea," and that's all pretty good. But my little neighborhood of four blocks does not feel like Hollywood, exactly, nor does it feel like Melrose (We're on the quietish end). What it does feel like, sort of, is Hancock Park, which is adjacent to us on the East side.

Sure, our houses are much smaller. But the vibe, the air, the well maintained front yards, just sort of feels like a mini Hancock Park.

So from now on, when someone asks me where I live, I'm going to say, "Hancock Park Junior."


Dan said...

Why give yourself an identity based on another's? Latching on to an exclusive neighborhood sounds so bourgeois.

Not that you asked, but I vote for "McClintock Square." It means absolutely nothing but it sounds charming. Or maybe "Clinton Park" after the presedent and the nearby street.

Mr. H.K. said...

OK Dokey.