Monday, April 03, 2006

Acid Reflux Redux

Back and forth, on and on, I have dealt with stomach things most of my life. In fact, it was an attack of GERD (acid reflux) that sort of sent me over the edge this past autumn. Having to face my mortality, my body not working perfectly, middle age, etc.

Being Scientific of mind, I realized the only thing to do was trial and error experimentation. I read many books about GERD. I couldn't take the corporate medicines out there. The Nexiums, the Prilosecs, the Zantacs, etc.-- they made me hyper and nervous (apparently, these are the side effects most teenagers experience taking these drugs. I guess there is something in my metabolism/body chemistry that is still teen-like.)

And I tried the aloe vera juice (Does help to keep things moving, so that's good. Acid be gone.) And I did eat the sweet pickles (Very helpful. Always keep sweet pickles around. For some reason, they neutralize anything.) And red delicious apples are very helpful, too. But what works best of all, always and forever? Chewing gum. It increases saliva production. Saliva is quite basic. And it neutralizes acid. And, chewing gets the gut moving so stuff moves south, away from your esophagus and out toward its manifest destiny. But mostly, it’s just your own saliva that saves you. Isn’t that nature’s perfect little creation?

I offer this as a public service announcement to anyone who suffers with this problem. One does not have to be on drugs. Just chewing gum. I like Fruit Xylichew. Available at any health food store. It is sugarless and tasty and comes in cute boxes.

You know, you have to make the effort to keep the esophagus healthy and un-irritated. First sign of the burn, just chew the gum. Keep at it. Then, after a few days of this, you're healed and you don't need the gum. Weeks go by and you find yourself on a cruise, eating and drinking like an American pig and the burn comes back...get back on the gum. And swallow that basic saliva!

Okay, my New Year's Resolution for 2006 was to not talk about medical stuff. However, I felt that I had to share this with the world. It's practical and it eases suffering. Chew when you must. Continue chewing after meals for a few days. You’ll be healed and you can go about your business.


RebeccaW said...

Well, I've always thought my acid reflux was because I wasn't on my true Life Path. Now I find out all I need is gum.

HelenBach said...

Interesting fact about spit. In etching there's something called 'spit bite'. You spit in a cup until you've got about a 1/4 cup and then you brush it onto your copper plate and then you drip some acid into that puddle and push it around. The acid cannot flow freely because the spit's viscosity keeps it contained. Here's the kicker: the acid bites into the copper creating greys but it DOES NOT eat away at the spit. Now that's powerful stuff.