Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blog Under Siege: Summer Entry Riles a Corporate PR Guy?

Check out this old blog entry and the comments thread. Someone is coming after me. Who is it? Medco? A Gen X Born-Again crusader for the status-quo?

Please weigh in. Calling all sleuths!

Old Entry Gets Attacked


Mr. H.K. said...

I think it was Rush Limbaugh.

RebeccaW said...

Wow! It sounds like it's a doctor. I don't actually disagree with him about irresponsible patients, but I wonder why he chose your blog to sound off? I mean, you aren't really writing about the insurance industry so much as your own personal experiences. He really is rabid. And just to provide some context....I did a little research. Medco's profits grew by over 30% in 2005 and they were ranked #51 on the Fortune 500 list.

HelenBach said...

What the heck!?