Thursday, April 27, 2006

What is The Meatrix?

The Meatrix


Anonymous said...

OK, OK, I admit, I am new to this. Don, this is Suzie, your old neighbor in Spring Valley, Ruth's sister. The Meatrix was a very interesting little piece. I have a BS degree in Agriculture, and yes, some of this Meatrix thing is correct, but a little exagerated. All meat animal production facilities are inspected by animal welfare type agencies to keep the folks in compliance. No, the atmosphere is not as nice as a sweet little farm in the country, but not as bad as the Meatrix played it out to be. There are great alternatives to supporting the "Meatrix" by asking your grocer to use local production and farms for their meats. Our Grocery store get all its lamb from a friend of mine who produces it on her small farm, chemical free and free range. The only thing is that local farmers have to get smarter and more competitive in this market. Most "old time" farmers still want to do it like it was done 50 years ago, and that just wont cut it any more. Consumers are getting smarter and want a product with less chemicals. Another alternative would be to eat less meat. Americans eat too much anyway. Hey, drop me an e-mail some time. I would love to catch up with you!!!

Don Cummings said...

Hi Suzie. Of course, it's crazy-exaggeration. Cartoons.
I read that great book about the autistic woman who inspects meat farms.

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