Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Love Rats

This is my last day in New York City for a bit, and I decided to spend it alone, in full relationship to only my surroundings. Very interesting.

First of all, we have a maid in Los Angeles. We do not, naturally, in our part-time abode in Jackson Heights. This meant that I had to clean this little place since I am leaving tomorrow. What an experience. It took four hours. It was so much fun. Windowsills and the bathroom and the floors and the table tops. How fascinating. I think being a maid would be very satisfying. You clean it, you see the results, you get paid, you go home and you just have some fun.

After the frenzy, I went into town to peruse the writing books at the Drama Book Shop. It’s on 40th Street now. Hanging in a bookstore is my idea of heaven.

So there I was, it was 8PM and I was very hungry. So I sauntered down Eighth Avenue and had dinner at The Viceroy in Chelsea, a sort of bar/restaurant. I picked it because it was lively but not too much of a scene. My good friend, Sarah Schultz, called and we talked while I cradled the cell phone between my ear and my shoulder while cutting steak and drinking red wine. She is upset because her brother has another tumor in his head. He seems to get these things. They take them out. He lives. But still. Tumors in the head are kind of awful.

I was in that restaurant, and after I hung up (better for the wear, since conversations of any kind always enliven me), I realized that I was a bit nervous. Sort of alone in New York. No one likes to sit alone in a restaurant at night. Lunch is one thing. Dinner, something else. It struck a bit of the insecurity in me. Whatever. It was time to get on the F train and head back to Queens. I was walking East on 23rd Street, headed for the F train, when I came upon the Chelsea Hotel. I had seen an ad in a gay magazine that announced their “massage night” in the bar called Serena in the basement. It’s all about gay guys and professional massage therapists and other kinds of healers hawking their trade and booze. And as I approached, some guy handed me a flyer for the event. I thought, “Sounds good. I love massage. And I’m definitely gay. Plus, I could use a little healing.”

I went down the basement steps. There is a thrill one gets when walking down basement steps in New York City. They seem to bring out the possibilities of life. After I pounded down another glass of wine and talked to some tenor from Brooklyn who was doing his best to flirt, etc., he introduced me to Simon, the Core Energy Healing certified Vortex Healer. The Brooklyn tenor said, “Simon is amazing. You have to try him sometime.” With an eye toward healing and a desire to get away from the tenor, I said, “Why don’t I try him right now?”

What an amazing experience. It was sort of like acupuncture. There was this weird experience where I felt all sorts of energy flow going through my body. And my heart opened up. And my joy returned to me. I had told Simon at the beginning that I wanted to work on my “Ability to attract the right kind of people to my writing so my work will find a place in the world.” After the session, Simon said that my heart chakra was blocked and he opened it. I think this is true. He also said that my career blocks were odd. Most people have a big block. Mine was more like lots of little shards that scattered me. Okay. And lastly, Simon said, “You have to stop apologizing for your writing.”


When in New York, see what Simon has to say. His work is amazing. He sucks the bad energy right out of you through your head and blows it away. Assisi4@aol.com.

I had to just sit and revel in my newfound centeredness. I had another glass of wine while all sorts of men in their underwear were getting rub-downs. It was surreal, yet oddly perfect. It started getting late and Chris from Ecuador was starting to get a wee-bit too friendly. I put on my black-track-jack and I went down to the subway platform all vortex-healed and I saw the loveliest little rat. (S)He was busy just poking along the track, sniffing, checking out what was what. This delightful rat had the look in its eye like any sweet mammal, similar to my pooch, Louise, and I have to say, I just loved the little filthy beast. I think my heart chakra is way open. I am so happy.


RebeccaW said...

Well this is quite apropos from someone who calls himself Assisi. As you probably know, Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals and the ecology in general. And I'm sure that if anyone would make you feel love for the lowly rat, he could. His day is October 4th and people often celebrate by blessing their pets.

Mr. H.K. said...

Chakra chakra boom boom!

Sounds a perfect finale to your trip to New York and overture to the journey ahead...