Friday, April 28, 2006

Four Bits

When I started blogging about sixteen months ago...I started a small envelope called “blog” and if I got an idea, I would scratch it down onto a piece of paper and put it in there. They’ve been forgotten. But here are four of them:

1) People always freak out when you use the incorrect gender pronoun for their pet. “He’s a he. A He.”

2) God is a patriarchal fantasy people put into the sky so they never have to grow up.

3) Addiction is a nice way of saying, “I won’t bother you if you won’t bother me.”

4) The absolute strongest exploit the fear of death for their material gain.

1 comment:

Mr. H.K. said...

I gave up on number one, as invariably whenever someone refers to my male long haired chihuahua as a she he invariably kicks his leg up to take a leak in plain view.

Sometimes, they still don't get it...

And I just move on with the smug self-satisfaction of knowing that I'm smarter than they are...