Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gay Pride

Feeling like a vulnerable old man with my bad back (damn luggage), I did manage to get out today for a couple of hours and caught the tail end of the gay pride parade at the bottom of Fifth Avenue. I felt so old and not quite present. Luckily I was with my closest and most awesome friend, Megan, and my new friend, Martha, Megan’s amazing girlfriend.

There I was, kind of feeling like I should not be standing, but rather, safely wrapped in a full body cast, when floats of fit, tight, barely clad young men (and some hot women) slowly rolled by.

I was proud of them, sure, but more than anything else, I wanted a time machine.

(I did see a woman across the street with a sign that read, “The Rosary cures all spiritual ills. Perhaps, she should do a Novena and learn how to be more accepting?)

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Mr. H.K. said...

Acceptance IS the answer.