Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Greatest Hits

Corn, Over My Dead Body?

What Came First? The Bun or the Bun?

People Come First/I Hate You

Paris Under Ice: Very Inconvenient

The Irish

The Efficiency Party

The Bicoastal Chronicles: Exit 91

My Last Meeting with Anne Bancroft

We Have Got to Get it Together

Maximum Disorder of the G.O.P.

Viagra--The Seven Suggestions

Basement, New York, 1974

Are You Willing to Die for Your Country?

Making an Appointment

Divorce Oregon Style

1 comment:

RebeccaW said...

Wow, I'm voting for Anne Bancroft, which I hadn't read until today. Amazing! I too, waitressed in LA and waited on quite a few notables and I'm trying to remember one who was nice. That guy from Dallas. Patrick something-or-other? He was nice. The rest were obnoxious.