Friday, June 16, 2006

Pastrami, Garage Sale, Exhaustion

Good King Jeffrey is off to visit the inner Southwest tomorrow. So we went to Langers for a Bon Voyage Lunch. I got the #19: Lean Pastrami, fresh coleslaw, melted cheese on this rye bread with the crunchiest crust you've ever had. Jeff got a classic pastrami on rye. Spirits were high. Pie holes were filled.

Pretty much delicious. Langers is super old world. Near MacArthur Park in a funko neighborhood. It's only open from 8-4, Monday-Saturday. Worth the lunch trip.

And, this theatre company that's begun that I've rustled up with some friends called, The New Theatre--is raising money this weekend. We've been doing real well with fundraising. We're having this garage sale...but the problem is, it's gotten way out of hand. There are literally MOUNTAINS of shit. Bags and bags of clothing. A microwave, stereos, Boxed DVD sets, CD's, a heater, suitcases, trays, poker chips, all kinds of electronics, an air compressor, baby clothes, a dining room set, a huge bed with headboard and footboard, a mountain bike, skis, all kinds of unused Italian shoes, kitchen items, books. Mary's house is filled to the rafters. It got bigger than us. I hope most of it sells, because man, it's a huge load.



HelenBach said...

Ok, not even funny. I could have worked this sale so happily. Just knowing there's a mountain of stuff that needs organizing is making me crazy!
Good Luck with it.

Mr. H.K. said...

Good luck with all that... After the Yard Sale, there's always eBay!