Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The Orange metro line gives me a little angina. I was driving out in the valley today, doing unusual errands, when I crossed Chandler and also the BUSWAY of the Orange Line. What a treat! To see this odd alley-type road that is designated solely for busses does a heart good.

But weird thing is, this line has been open for months and though I've been in the valley many times since the fall, this is the first time I have crossed the busway. Why?
Because it's so damn North of the main commercial spine of the valley, Ventura Boulevard.

Oh friends, friends, friends. Just dig up this city. Dig it up like the sewer that it is and bury trains under the real sections of town. Shoot under Fairfax and Santa Monica Boulevard and Ventura Boulevard and Wilshire and Sepulveda and do a circle line all around the South basin and another circle line all around the North basin.

Like a mole, tunnel through Beverly Hills.

Like a prairie dog, dig through Santa Monica.

Like a mir cat, bore your way through all those hills of Hollywood.

Be brave! Be Woodchucks!

Official Site of the Orange

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