Friday, April 29, 2005

We Have Got to Get it Together

Call me a fat middle aged hippie, oh yeah, sitting at Insomnia on Beverly Boulevard, drinking mint tea at 1:15 my mall clothing.

I'm all riled up from eating too much chicken in Japantown with friends and then talking about global warming and how much we hate the Right and how threatened we feel by what they are doing to us, the earth. And we can't come up with a solution for living happily in this country and it's been so terribly frustrating for so many years now.

So, I'm sitting all contemplative and faux important sipping on my hot one, looking around at the young night owls, and what comes on the speakers? Something in the Air. You know, "The Revolution's here. And you know that it's right. We've just got to get it together." From Easy Rider. Thunderclap Newman. 1969, British. Change the world time.

Lyrics, Something in the Air

Sample, Something in the Air

And that's it. The simple lyrics of revolution inspired me to inaction! I came up with a useless, unworkable answer, because someone had to...

We really do have to get it together, but it seems to me, considering what happened to the Easy Rider generation, instead of one side taking over the other, (since the Left already tried and failed and the Right is trying and failing), I guess we're going to have to come together. Shit.

First, maybe we can start with complete honesty, without the rancor:

1) The conservative pigs have to admit to the Left that they actually want to kill us because we are sensualist, drug smoking, gay loving, hyper shallow, hypocritical, baby killing, arrogant, Godless fiends.

2) And the precious latte drinkers have to admit to the Right that they actually want to kill them because they are such fucking greedy idiots who destroy our planet and literally believe in ridiculously bigoted, self serving religious fairy tales.

Maybe, from this honest standpoint, we can start the real dialogue which might include the following:

1) The Left needs to accept the truth that they would die without the Right who do all the farm work and huckstering in the big world market.

2) The Right needs to accept how much fun the Left is having produced all the porn, Hollywood movies, literature, progressive inventions and olive bread that the Right would die without after their long days of farming or engaging in aggressive economic expansionism.

The Left would get very cranky without the Right's corn and cash.
The Right would get very cranky without the Left's porn and stash.

We need each other, wretchedly. We've just got to get it together, man.

And let us, both sides remember:

1) This country is never going to be a complete Christian capitalist theocracy with old white families sitting on top of the pyramid collecting all the power and the money while throwing every single dissenter into a rat hole prison to be executed.

2) This country is never going to be a free-love, pristine and pretty Mecca of culture, fresh local food with expansively progressive education all in an equal opportunity setting where all children are loved, the medical care is free and the sky, air, land and streams are back to their original virgin beauty.

Life really sucks for both sides.

And it won't change. We just hate each other. This leaves me with just one interest. Who or what is going to be the bridge between these two groups who have drawn such deep lines in the sand?

Without a real enemy, what can we do? Communism ended followed by the Bill Clinton blow job war and then we had nowhere to turn except on each other at a fundamental level. The terrorist thing, we view too differently in order to come together. Sucks. Two things we might remember:

1) Powerful, smug people will always fight each other. If they don't have an enemy outside their country, they will find one within.

2) Everyone in the fight, though getting off on their own righteousness, hates the idea of dying, literally, or the death of their pride.

So We Have Got to Get it Together.

Moderate Relativism, anyone? At least that? I don't know. Once the song ended and my tea got cold I thought, "Maybe I should go to the mall tomorrow, buy something, I'll feel better."


HelenBach said...

How can there be zero responses to this blog? I think you've hit the nail on the head. I think this is brilliant. I think I'm shocked at how honest it is. And I think it's worthy of a bigger audience. Congratulations.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I think YOU should run for President. You'd get my vote!

Anonymous said...

Screw all that philosophy and politics. I want to know what you bought today!

Dan said...

Why do we have to get along? Why can't I just live in my semi-urban world eating chicken hearts with my lefty friends and pretend that the world ends where the Applebees begins? I'll try to make a difference, really I will.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post... If I ever get around to setting up half the left-right debate places I allude to in this post, I want you posting there often!

Anonymous said...

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Nina said...

it was listening to that song (something in the air) that brought me here (4 years after the fact)--searching the net for the lyrics. instead i read your post--and liked so much of it for it's honesty. i don't identify myself w/either the left or the right--but both sides do have some value if only they would each drop the damn labels and assumptions. perhaps a trip through kindergarten again would be in order for us to "get it together".

2005. today, 2009. same sh**, different day. we have yet to get it together. oh if only the ego's could be dropped and we could all live by the simple notion of do unto others.... it's in our nature to "get that"--even if only for a split second for some--therefore it's possible--possible to rise above the beliefs (brainwashing/conditioning) of the brain and grasp something else.