Wednesday, March 03, 2010

List of Spring

1. There have been well over 125,000 flights canceled so far this year. YAY! Isn’t this Mother Nature’s way of setting things a little bit straight? Less flights, less pollution, less global warming. It’s a homeostasis thing. Momma Nature lives! (Slow Down people. Look at each other.)

2. Google is taking over the planet. Let it. WiFi from Google, coming to you soon.

3. I drink too much. I stopped. I don’t want to think I’m an alcoholic, but if I am, well, I wouldn’t be the first. Imagine that? A writer-drunk. How original. But, I have to say, not drinking is easy, too. It’s the damn pot and cigarettes I start to grab after the wine. Where there’s no wine, there’s no smoke. And healthy feelings reign. Clear head. Good memory. Light on the hill. Less bloat. More natural feelings. Truth is---the real deal is---I’m probably on the cusp of something bad, but I have pulled back. Let’s see if I can be adult about this.

4. New York City is loaded with financiers, bankers, etc. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, really doesn’t matter. I just don’t get ‘em. I mean, I like numbers and all. But I imagine these people pulling levers all day long (okay, pressing buttons…okay, I don’t know how they do it)—and they get a new sofa or car while some kid dies in a diamond mine. It seems that simple to me. They have that trout-on-ice look, too. What’s wrong with being middle class and having it be supported by local living? And isn’t it strange that the little island of Manhattan (below 86th Street) is perfectly small so it creates incredible competition? What a geographical manifestation.

5. How about that bury-able toilet bag someone invented? It’s good for fertilizer. I was shocked to learn that 40% of the world’s population has no access to a toilet. Luckily, the same 40% cannot afford Mexican food. Ba dump bump. We’re here all week. How’s your fajitas?

6. I need a dog. But I don’t have to have one.

7. Blogging is better than many other things.

8. I still think Valerie Harper needs more viewers. Go see LOOPED.

9. I need new shoes. I have plenty of money to go buy them. Why don’t I? Am I waiting for my feet to get bigger? Or smaller? What is it with shoes and me? In fact, why do I hate to shop for clothes so much? I am just a total guy about this. I feel so not-gay when it comes to clothes and shoes. But I do feel better in nice, working clothes. I need a push.

10. #10 is for you. What is it?

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Anonymous said...

#10 Let's hope the cooler than normal weather lasts through the summer!

Mother Judith

Todd HellsKitchen said...


40licious said...

#10 - There are very few things that come from China, except food and people, that will make you happy. For example, if you buy shoes that were made in China, your feet are in for a world of pain.

Don Cummings said...

But you know what? I wish we had a little China here--so we could have some manufacturing so people could work again!