Monday, June 07, 2010

Make Em Get Married!

Notice how Mike White makes the younger, cuter guy get fatter with time!

This is a fun youtuber, and it makes the point in a funny way. I mean, the point’s already been made. It illustrates it, cinematically, clearly.

What they should show, though, and no one is talking about this (and I’ve been in one of these torture chambers for almost 17 years) is that after it gets dull, it usually gets mean, and then it gets distant and then it gets tragic and then it comes together. Like most marriages.

We are still not talking about how it really can go on for a real long time and it can get just as complex as a straight marriage.

You might have to sign in to You Tube and click that you’re 18 to see this one.

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Tandava (Carol Henning) said...

Good video -- thanks for posting! My cousin has been active in CA same sex marriage politics since 2000 and I recall how little traction the movement had back then. Nice to see the tide really turning.