Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Tony for Tony

I want to say YAY! for my friend Tony who just started to work on a show (La Cage aux Folles) and his show now has a load of Tonys, including Best Musical Revival. So nice.

But what was not so nice was the sound of the awards broadcast. How can you produce a television show and have the sound get that wacked?

For years in Hollywood I did the books for a load of production companies. I have run payroll through for the producing team of tonight's show for television specials, including awards shows that we taped for live broadcast. Funny, these guys were always competent, and certainly exceptionally confident. Well guys, NEXT TIME MAKE SURE IT ALL WORKS! Or I'll make sure someone docks your pay.

More time on quality, in general, I say.

But back to the positive. The show had humor. Theatre is still a dork festival of dorksters. In the best way?

And here we are. Foggy night. Summer arriving. And today, my parents are married for 53 years.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

happy Anniversary to your folks!!!

No doubt, the creatives on Tonys will blame it on budget constraints...

have you seen network news lately... ABC is so cheap they rely on Skype broadcasts from South Africa!!! PATHETIC!!!